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Bereavement Counselling Ireland

Bereavement is a personal and complex experience which no two people experience in the same way, or responds the same way to the loss of a loved one.  People’s reactions to the death are influenced by their religious beliefs, their beliefs about life after death, the type of relationship they had with the deceased, the cause of death and weather the death was sudden or expected, and the age of the deceased. How long the bereavement lasts depends on these factors.

Bereavement may also be cause by other issues such as a miscarriage, or that a loved one has Alzheimer’s or other illness that slowly destroys the personality of a loved one.

When you grieve it is part of the normal process of reaction to a loss.  You may experience grief as a mental, physical, social or emotional reaction.  Mental reaction can include anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness and despair.  Physical reactions can include sleeping problems, changes in appetite, physical problems and illness.