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Sexual Addiction Counselling

Sexual Addiction – also referred to as Compulsive Sexual Behaviour or Sex Addiction, can be defined as “..some form of sexual behaviour in a pattern that was characterised by recurrent failure to control the behaviour and continuation of the behaviour despite significant harmful consequences” (Goodman, 1998)

Sexual Addiction problems, especially in relation to the Internet, but also in connection with prostitution, multiple affairs etc., are being encountered more and more by counsellors and other help professionals in Ireland these days.  These are not necessarily new problems, but modern society provides a vast range of options for sexual stimulation not previously available

Perhaps the hardest challenge for anyone is to acknowledge that they have a problem.  After realising that you have a problem, you may decide to seek help.  Therapists are trained to help you what is happening what is happening, to guide and help you through what can be a painful and bewildering process.

Sex Addiction Counselling in Waterford, Ireland

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